Extra Curricular

Social Activities

At Landon Middle School we have students from many different backgrounds and cultures. We hold sixth grade activities separate from seventh and eight grade activities, as set forth by district requirements. Sixth grade social activities may include skating parties and a dance held each February. At school partes, the students enjoy music that a professional disc jockey provides. Parent volunteers provide snacks and refreshments for those students who attend. Most of our students participate in these activities.

School Plays

Drama/musical productions are presented at Landon each year. These provide an opportunity for sixth, seventh and eighth graders to become involved in an extra curricular activity. Production involves about six weeks of rehearsals and much support from the Landon staff, parents/guardians/care providers, and the Topeka theater community.

Music Performances

Each December and May the music classes, chorus, band and orchestra, present a performance as part of their curriculum. Community, parents/guardians/care providers, and friends are invited to attend. Music classes also perform at community events throughout the school year.


Extra curricular sport activities at Landon Middle School are for seventh and eighth graders only and include basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, and track. The athletic program is strong in participation and any eligible student may be on a team. The sport activities take place after school. All students are welcome to watch and support their team. All outdoor events are free. The eighth grade students have a "play night" which is held in the evening to allow parents/guardian/care providers an opportunity to watch their son/daughter participate in our sports program without having to take time off from work.  Please contact Kerry Dillon, AC for information.  Click here to link

Student Council

We are in the process of organizing the 2015/16 Landon Middle School Student Council.  If your son/daughter has shown interest in becoming one of the Student Council representatives, please ask them to speak with Mrs. Stallbaumer for election information.

Representatives will need to make the commitment to participate in recycling programs, school projects, and community service projects.  Your child will also be asked to attend the ONCE a month meeting where we will be discussing community and school issues.  The meetings will take place after school from 3 to 4 pm on the first Thursday of every month.


Students Against Destructive Decisions.  SADD's mission is simply stated:

To provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, and other destructive decisions.